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Game Accessibility Suite: Game Accessibility Suite [GAS]

Game Accessibility Suite [GAS]

Detailed Description

Game Accessibility Suite

The Game Accessibility Suite [GAS] is a collection of utilities built to make video games more accessible.

All of the utilities in the suite use the Common Accessibility Technology [CAT] library, and are released under an MIT-style license.

Building GAS

Tools and Libraries:

  1. Microsoft Visual C++
    Currently Visual Studio 2005 Professional
  2. Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit
    Currently using version 6.0, the Vista Update
  3. The DirectX SDK 9 or above
    Currently using the August 2007 release
  4. Doxygen (Optional, for building documentation)
    Currently using 1.5.3
  5. Graphviz (Optional, for building documentation)
    Currently using 2.16.1

Building From a Command Line:

  1. Start the "Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt" or start any command prompt and run vcvars32.bat.
  2. Set the current directory to the solution's folder.
  3. Build the project by running the following:
     devenv GAS.sln /BUILD Release 
  4. The output will be placed in .\bin\release.

Building From the Visual Studio IDE

  1. Open GAS.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. Select the "Release|Win32" configuration (Build->Configuration Manager).
  3. Build the solution (Build->Build Solution or F7).
  4. The output will be placed in .\bin\release.

Building the GAS Documentation

  1. Make sure both GraphViz and Doxygen are in your path.
  2. Build the documentation by just running Doxygen from the command line in the solution's root folder.
  3. The output will be placed in .\Docs\html. Index.html is the root file.


 Common Accessibility Technology [CAT] library

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