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QuadControl Interface

Side view of QuadController The QuadController is an interesting controller custom built for quadriplegic gamers. It is designed to be entirely operated with one's mouth while providing access to all of the controls on a PlayStation2 or Xbox.

When I first got mine, I expected that many of the top-tier games would work pretty well with it. After all, most of these games have well designed fully configurable input systems where you can map pretty much everything to whatever you want. The QuadController is based off of a standard Xbox/360 controller - so it looks just like one under Windows, driver and all.

Boy, was I wrong!

The first thing I learned is that just because you can map an axis or a button to something doesn't mean it's usable. I've tried to solve the problems I've encountered with this controller specifically - many of the solutions would work for a variety of controllers if added to the basic configuration options.

Some examples: QuadController mappings

Axis Mappings

The QuadController's center is an 8-way digital joystick. It may be used to control the normal joystick (lX and lY in DirectInput), the rotational control (lRx/lRy), or the point of view (rgdwPov[0]). To switch between the different controls, you adjust the Axis Toggle 1 and Axis Toggle 2 switches.

Axis ControlledToggle 1Toggle 2
X/Y RotDownDown

The Z Trigger 1 and Z Trigger 2 control the Z-Axis together. Both are analog trigger controls, and at rest they are centered. Pressing Z Trigger 1 lowers the Z-Axis from centered to min, pressing Z Trigger 2 raises the Z-Axis from centered to max.

GASPilot's current mappings for the axes are as follows:
AxisMapped to:Used in an FPS for:
XFiltered Mouse XNormal Movement/Turning
YW (forward), S (back)
ZFiltered Mouse YLooking up/down
X RotFiltered Mouse XMenu Navigation
Y RotFiltered Mouse Y
Pov[0] XA (left), D (right)Vehicles/Strafing
Pov[0] YW (forward), S (back)

Button Mappings


PushbuttonMapped To:
Pushbutton 1'F' (Flashlight)
Pushbutton 2F13/F14 toggle (GASPilot Speed Control)
Pushbutton 3Unused

Each of the Sip/Puff switches has two buttons - one that is depressed while sipping, and another that is depressed while puffing.

Sip/PuffMapped To (Sip):Mapped To (Puff)
Sip/Puff 1ESC (menus, etc. - Also clears all toggles)TAB & E (PDA in doom, Use in HL2)
Sip/Puff 2Mouse Wheel (weapon change)'C' Toggle (crouch) AND presses 'R' for reload
Sip/Puff 3Left Mouse Button (Fire)Right Mouse Button (Jump/Alt Fire)
Sip/Puff 4Left Control Toggle (Continuous fire/Crouch)Left Shift Toggle (Sprint)